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Baptized in the fire

Of a life out of control

I fast became a liar

And I had to soothe my soul

Oklahoma winds

Only fueled the mighty flames

Couldn’t even be drowned out

By Louisiana rains

Turns out the place that I broke from

Was where I’d be set free

I doused all my demons

In the river Genesee


                                    When I need reminding

                                    Who I am and where to find him

                                    I go driving on back home

                                    The simple place puts me at ease

                                    The mighty, rolling Genesee

                                    The only place I’ll ever need to go


Out there dying of the thirst

For something more than God

All the faiths of earth I searched

Turned out to be frauds

Alaskan sirens called to me

That’s where I took my march

Seraphic lights in my eyes

Left my throat still parched

Turns out the place that I broke from

Was all the proof I’d need

Satiated my mighty thirst

In the river Genesee




I’ll stand here on the dirt bank

Feeling richer than a king

As the water flows by endlessly

Breathing simplicity