During his time in the Army, Matt Conroy worked around the clock to honor a demanding Active Duty schedule and his own artistic drive.


After countless sleepless nights and dollars spent, he acquired enough knowledge to produce, promote, and distribute his own music independently. Much like many of his fellow soldier/artists, balancing the lifestyles of a musician and a service member often resulted in a stagnation of his songwriting.

In 2018, following his transfer into civilian life, Matt established FirePoint Entertainment, LLC as the record label and publishing entity for his own music.

As time went on, Matt realized that he could give back to Active Duty and Veteran artists by bringing them on to his label, working around their tight schedules, and using his knowledge to help them produce, promote, and distribute their songs.

Today, FirePoint Entertainment maintains the mission to serve the artists who serve us by enabling the production, promotion, and distribution of their own un-filtered voices.

FirePoint Entertainment offers predominately work-for-hire consultation, with additional music production, promotion, and distribution services at very competitive prices.

If you are an Active Duty or Veteran musician, and you want the world to experience your music, FirePoint Entertainment will facilitate your process.


We work with all branches, and all genres. Your voice is one that must be heard.

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